Personalized Care

You Have Options. Concierge Medicine Is Different.

Concierge Medical Practices accept nearly 10% of the patient volume of traditional primary care practices. This means that each patient is given 90% more time with their concierge doctor than they would receive otherwise. And in my case, every patient receives 100% of my undivided attention and personalized care at each appointment.

Executive Health

A Better Option for Executive Healthcare

Concierge Medicine for Executive Healthcare is an efficient, cost-effective way to manage your health and reduce absences due to medical issues. This program will blend diagnostic expertise with the very best in preventive medicine. I have access to a vast array of resources and can coordinate your care with a specialist if needed.

Weight Management

Concierge Doctor for Weight Loss and Weight Management

My Medically Supervised Weight Management Program  provides medical monitoring, fitness assessment, nutritional counseling, and PERSONALIZED SUPPORT to help you take control of your weight once and for all.

What Does Concierge Medicine Mean?bV5gnvwrCRZ1CBfpk2otRJjxb4cW3GEcpTIVrWqV_04

  • Same Day/Next Day Appointments
  • ŸNo/Minimal Wait Time
  • Ÿ24/7 Access to Dr. Raman Ÿ
  • Email AccessŸ
  • Personalized Treatment Options Ÿ
  • Comprehensive Preventative Care Ÿ
  • Medically Supervised Weight Management Programs Ÿ
  • Access to Aesthetic Products and Services

As a Concierge Doctor, I am able to spend appropriate time with each of my patients so that I can tailor individual care plans that provide for your specific wants and needs. We will work closely together to maintain the good health you already have, or to get you back on the right track.

Some of the services that I provide are:

  • General Medical Care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Thyroid Therapy & Support
  • Sleep Support
  • Stress Management
  • Pain Management
  • Weight Management Programs

In addition to the attention I give your medical health, my office also provides numerous aesthetic procedures such as:

  • Anti-aging Skin Care
  • Botox
  • Radiesse
  • Juvederm
  • Dermasweep Microdermabrasion
  • Latisse
  • VI Peel

Bottom line, your utmost health and well-being is of the utmost concern. Rather than just treating a disease or illness, I also focus on preventative care so you can avoid downtime and keep enjoying your life.


If you are looking for a doctor that puts you first, contact our offices today. We are proudly serving patients in the following areas:

St. Louis, Webster Groves, Ladue, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Wildwood, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas. We also have patients come in from Illinois, as well as other states. If you have questions, just call our office!