Exercises On The Go:

If you don’t like the loudness of a gym or the commitment of a membership, here is a simple routine that takes 30 minutes and can be done anywhere. Plug in your favorite music and here we go:

  • Start with jumping jacks -2 minutes
  • Get on the ground for pushups-2 minutes (child’s pose after the first minute to stretch out back)
  • Get up…get up …get up-high knee jog -2 minutes
  • On the ground-ABS: 20x crunchies; 20x bicycles; 20x pilates scissor kicks; 20 sec plank- 2 minutes
  • Got stairs-start running them-2 minutes
  • Stop at that top-grab a railing and leg abductions- 1 minute each leg. Total 2 minutes
  • Find a bleacher/platform-tricep dips -60 sec with both feet on the ground; 30 sec right leg raised, 30 sec left leg raised. Total 2 minutes.
  • Make your way down and plyo lunges (alternating legs)-2 minutes

Is your heart rate up yet?? I hope you have your heart rate monitor!! WATER BREAK

  • Using a band-bicep curls-3x rounds of 16
  • On the ground-hold plank for 30 sec; then slowly while in plank-alternate bringing right and left leg to chest- 30 sec. Child’s pose after 1 minute and repeat
  • Downward dog -2 minutes
  • On the ground-superman 3x rounds of 8x reps (great stretch for back after plank)
  • Interval cardio-Max calorie burn-all out 5 minutes; 1 minute stationary run; 1 minute jacks; 1 minute  plyo squats; 1 minute jump rope; 1 minute high knee run

Cool down and stretch!