Making Yourself A Priority

This is that time of year where we start absorbing the events of your live over the last 11 ½ months and begin contemplating the plans for the next 12 with our “New Year’s Resolutions”, right?

Before the clock strikes 12:00 on the eve of January 1, why not start on those resolutions now?

Put Health #1 on that list. We can all stand to lose a few pounds, but without a working body, no amount of weight loss will keep you healthy.

If I can take the liberty to stir some thoughts and ideas, consider adding this to your bucket list.

  1. Promise to get your annual check ups-it could save your life.
  2. Exercise 4-5x/wk for minimum 45 minutes. Cardio with weights. Forget about listing weight loss as your wish. If you just start exercising, the weight will naturally come off.
  3. Indulge in your favorites, with moderation, but incorporate one vegetable into your diet you thought you would never eat. And just watch your sweet tooth disappear.
  4. Sit in silence for 30 seconds a day – yes….I said 30 seconds! That is it. Your body deserves the chance to catch its breath!
  5. Start the morning with a cup of green tea. Packed with antioxidants, it is consider the next generation super food!
  6. Redecorate one room in your home. Weird resolution isn’t it? Feng Shui decorating uses a psychological approach to help create a color palate that naturally increases neurotransmitters. Check it out! A can of paint can create a home full of peace and a life full of health.
  7. Force yourself to get an extra ½ hour of sleep than you are now. This doesn’t mean sleep in for 30 minutes more. It means get to bed ½ hour earlier. Those precious few minutes will benefit you a hundred fold.
  8. Be persistent with your health. Ask your doctors those hard questions. If you don’t understand, then keep asking until you do. You have every right to understand your body!
  9. Find your peace of mind. NOTHING in your life is worth it if it is compromising your health. The stressors will pass, but the damage done to the body during that time will long live on. It is NOT worth it.
  10. Find the courage to say “It is ok if I put myself first.” That is the most selfless thing you can do.

Whatever the occasion you may be celebrating, I wish you and your families a most joyous holiday season and safe and prosperous New Year!