COVID-19: One Month Later

I can’t believe it has been just ONE month since every conversation, every thought, and every move of our life has fallen mercy to this bully we call COVID-19. Could we have ever imagined this is how we would be living life, at least for a short time anyway? Just when we feel we have understood a minuscule part of this eluding novelty, it reminds us of how little we really do know.

But do we need to standby and take this? Well, yes because it is staring right at us, and no because we have the power to fight back!

Hear me out. I want to diverge from the normal medical tone that is often written in my blogs to one of motivating the human spirit. Anyone that says they are not scared clearly has not understood the gravity of the situation. But being scared doesn’t mean we have to give into the fear.

What is fear? Fear is when we feel we have lost control of a situation. It is the uncertainty of not knowing where we are going, how long it will last, and whether we will reach the end of a situation safely.  Fear is taking your hands off the steering wheel in a car that is going 100mph.

There truly is so much to be scared of here. It is scary not knowing who the virus will take down next and how it will do it. It is petrifying to know there is not yet a PROVEN treatment or approved vaccine. It is gut-wrenching to watch your friends and colleagues keep a smile while crumbling on the inside.  There is also an overwhelming sense of desperation to want to do more to help, but somehow can’t because the best thing we can do is stay away and stay home.

If any one of the things I mentioned above hit a nerve, join the club. Every single one of those things is exactly what keeps me up at night.

The truth is, neither you nor I can control any of those things! We can’t speed up the vaccine trials. We can’t control when drug testing can safely be completed. And we certainly can’t predict (not yet) how the virus will behave next.

But, we can control our thoughts, our breath, and our actions.

I invite you to take this precious time we have been given and channel it into light, love, and healing while taking your hands off the steering wheel.

This is not about the separation of beliefs or religion. This is not about the polarizing and often times confusing sprays of information coming from our leaders – because the truth is, NO ONE has all the answers.

This is about something so much greater!! It is an urgent plea to come together to help in unifying the spirit of the human heart. Let’s build a wall laid with the bricks of love and compassion and show that bully how tough we really are! #CovidMessedWithTheWrongHumans


How do we do that? By not giving into the fear! By releasing what we can’t control and by taking back power of what we humans do best: LOVE AND LOVE HARD!

Studies have shown that the thoughts we have carry vibrational frequencies that affect the functioning of our cells and the cells of those that the thoughts reach. Positive thoughts emit higher vibrational frequencies. Negative/fear based thoughts emit lower vibrational frequencies.

If we continue to live in fear and think of only worst case scenarios, we lower our cellular vibrations and the ability to fight off the virus. Our immune defenses become weakened allowing the virus easy entrance into our body.

Don’t get me wrong. We must still do our part and maintain social distancing, hand washing protocols, and follow all other guidelines. But there is so much more we can do!

In my eyes, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS AN ESSENTIAL WORKER! We each have a life-saving role to play.

  • The farmers that work so hard to keep providing their crops.
  • The scientists – trust in their knowledge to experiment in the unknowns to unravel the mysteries and find the long awaited answers.
  • The healthcare workers who serve those that can no longer stand on their own and reach for a desperate hand up.
  •  The custodial services that lovingly sweep the residual reminders on the battlefield so that the healthcare troops can be ready for the next round.
  •  The grocery staff and restaurant owners keep us nourished and fueled because without that, nothing else is possible.
  • The construction crews that keep us protected with a roof over our heads and remind us there is a safe haven to come home to at the end of the day.
  • The postal services that allow us to stay connected to the world during this time of ironic dissociation.
  • The IT folks that keep our grid lines of communication open so that ‘virtual’ togetherness can continue to happen.
  • The artists and art, in any form, that remind us that life will not always be black and white. And that we can paint the town any color we want, because nothing can take away one’s imagination.
  • The teachers, God love them, that create a safe haven for the youngest of our humans so they know that everything is going to be ok and not to mention, keep the parents sane in the process.
  • And to every single human reading this  -the loving thoughts you think, the continued prayers uttered with deep faith, the kind gestures extended and anything you do to help in this global healing is reaching EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Don’t underestimate the power of your light!

However you choose to put forth your positive vibes is just perfect!! At a time when we have more questions than answers, know that your role is just as important as anything else. It is like a puzzle. Every piece matters. Even if one piece is missing, the puzzle is incomplete. Such as is the case with this fight. Your light matters! Humanity is incomplete without it.

I have found affirmational meditation helps me to stay in a positive mindset. These are just some affirmations I have created for myself that brings me comfort and peace when I have no choice but to surrender what it is I cannot control.

“Fear is an illusion for what I cannot control. It is not real! My light offers divine protection to myself and to all those that I share it with. I am greater than the invisible threat that has taken away my sense of security. My power lies not in my ability to understand, but in my willingness to trust. I trust I will guided into making the right decisions when I am confronted with doubt. I stand in faith knowing that having more questions than answers right now will protect me from becoming hasty in my actions. I release the need to understand everything, knowing that clarity will come when I have completely surrendered. And when I sink into moments of fear, I remind myself that it is during times of great darkness that my light shines the brightest.”

I leave you with one final thought.

In this battle of uncertainty, the only thing we can be sure of is that NO enemy can ever touch the spirit of the human race!

Wishing each of you safe and healthy days to come!