i-HgcphJBnqJJkQjkVFeCXeqY93XO6Wvs9CFFMwFwycDr. Raman’s approach to treating the mind-body connection with patience, care, and compassion creates a doctor/patient relationship that emphasizes solutions and empowers each person to identify and obtain their own personal victories.

With a personalized medical practice, Dr. Raman blends the advantages of a traditional medical practice with the benefits of high-level access to a primary care physician. Call it “boutique care” or “direct primary care” — this evolving, new relationship with your primary care physician is best known as Concierge Care.  In addition to accepting most insurance plans, Dr. Raman’s Concierge Care program offers you the opportunity to develop a life-long, caring and meaningful relationship with her — 24/7. Membership in Dr. Raman’s Concierge Care program is very similar to your monthly gym membership fee — about the same cost as a daily cup of coffee — with many more health benefits!

The result is that I’m able to spend more time with fewer people, which gives me more time to be thoughtful and thorough. My focus is much more on-target when I can offer my full attention to 6-10 patients a day vs. how’d I’d interact with 25 patients a day. — Dr. Raman

If your health is a priority, then it’s time to establish a relationship with Dr. Raman. There are no quick visits, unless that’s what you want. Dr. Raman stays in the exam room with you until all of your questions have been answered. You’re not competing for face time with hundreds of other patients, like you might be with a traditional primary care physician.

I practice medicine like I live life. I enjoy the triumphs and conquer the hardships but, above all, I rise to meet the challenges and face the uncertainties that shadow us each and every day. Join me in this journey to better our lives through enhanced personal healthcare. — Dr. Raman

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