individualized health care



What Can a Concierge Doctor in St. Louis Do For You?

- Same Day/Next Day Appointments

Ÿ- No/Minimal Wait Time

Ÿ-  24/7 Access to Dr. Raman Ÿ

- Email AccessŸ

- Personalized Treatment Options Ÿ

- Comprehensive Preventative Care Ÿ

- Medically Supervised Weight Management Programs Ÿ

- Access to Aesthetic Products and Services

You Have Options. Concierge Medicine Is Different.

Concierge Medical Practices accept nearly 10% of the patient volume of traditional primary care practices. This means that each patient is given 90% more time with their concierge doctor than they would receive otherwise. And in my case, every patient receives 100% of my undivided attention and personalized care at each appointment.

Here, you are not a number or a disease, but valued as a whole person who deserves to feel better and live the best life possible.

Personalized Care with a Concierge Doctor

Personalized Care means that I AM HERE FOR YOU. I am passionate about CARING for my patients, LISTENING intently to their concerns, considerately EDUCATING my patients about their health, and providing them with personalized solutions for HOLISTIC health and wellness. My patients can also trust that I will be their personal medical ADVOCATE and will stand by them to help deal with emergencies, find the best specialist or facility, or coordinate care from multiple providers when necessary.

I am not here just to treat you when you are sick (although I am also here for that), but I genuinely want you to FEEL YOUR BEST all the time! True “wellness” encompasses much more than physical health. Healthcare reform, in my practice, means reforming your health!

I put my heart and soul into my Concierge Medical Practice because I sincerely want to help my patients live HEALTHY, HAPPY lives, complete with a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

I strive to create a collaborative RELATIONSHIP with my patients by being actively involved in the decision-making process for treatment options. I develop your individual health plan to help you achieve optimal BALANCE in your body.

No two patients are alike and treatment for one patient may not be good for another. Unfortunately, in a traditional practice model, patients don’t have much choice than to resort to cookie-cutter treatment plans because the time constraints of their doctor limits the option to discuss more personalized alternatives.

As a Concierge Doctor, I am able to spend appropriate time with each of my patients so that I can tailor individual care plans that provide for your specific wants and needs. We will work closely together to maintain the good health you already have, or to get you back on the right track.

Concierge Medicine for Preventative Care

Preventative care is about more than annual exams and managing chronic conditions before they get worse. The most important thing is focusing on HOLISTIC WELLNESS and maintaining good health habits. Practicing preventative health care and maintaining your body in a healthy way is the best method to prevent disease from happening in the first place.

Millions of people die every year from illnesses that could have been prevented.

Leading causes include cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions. I encourage my patients to see me for regular checkups even if they feel healthy so that we can:

  • Screen for disease
  • Identify risk factors for disease
  • Provide tips for a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Stay up to date with immunizations and boosters

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true when it applies to health care. Immunizations, checkups and routine physicals are all an important part of good health and wellness.

Rather than just treating a disease or illness after it has already attacked your body, preventive care can focus on preventing that disease and maintaining good overall health. When it comes to treating a serious condition, early diagnosis is essential.

As a Concierge Doctor in St. Louis, I help my patients benefit from affordable, quality healthcare with a personal touch. If you are ready to take control of your health and build a real relationship with your physician, CONTACT my office today to find out more.