Ask Yourself These Questions:


  • Can your doctor see you today?
  • Has your doctor ever spent an hour with you?
  • Do you have your doctor's cell phone number?
  • Has the office staff returned your calls immediately?
  • Have you ever waited less than 5 minutes to be seen by your doctor?
  • Have you ever left your doctor's office feeling all of your issues have been addressed?

Dr. Raman can help you answer YES to every questions.

Why Personalized Medicine

Health is the most important investment you will ever make. The deposit is small, but the returns will come back ten fold.

The changing healthcare system has left us to find our own direction. Allow Dr. Raman to guide you back to your health and well-being. Dr. Raman's practice is limited to a specific number of participants. With this intimate practice style, extended office times will be given and your access to Dr. Raman will continue outside the office walls.

My biggest passion is in wellness and preventative care. My profession has humbled me with the incredible opportunity to sit with each of you and help you as we work together to give you the healthiest life - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I have often wished I had much more time to spend with each of you and offer extended guidance and be able to accommodate those appointments sooner. I also want to take the time to teach and guide you in the way my knowledge and training has taught me.

I have always prided myself in establishing a practice where each individual is treated as if their problem is the most important, whether you are being seen for a cold or an executive physical.

Personalized Medicine, also known as Concierge Medicine, is for anyone who values their health and expects a higher quality of healthcare.

With all the changes in our healthcare system, Dr. Raman’s office keeps the focus on YOU and your health. Much like a Fitness Club Membership, your monthly Priority Access Fee (PAF) is an investment in your health, giving you:

  • Same Day/Next Day appointments
  • Extended office visits focused on individual needs
  • No wait-time to see Dr. Raman, getting you in-and-out faster
  • Comprehensive medical care designed to provide you optimum health
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Raman and her staff

Personalized Medicine values your time, giving you the choice to spend that time how YOU want to.

Although Dr. Raman’s office accepts insurance, your monthly PAF fee may not be covered by insurance, nor do we do provide invoices to submit to insurance for these monthly fees. Please check with your individual insurance carrier to see if this fee is covered by your FSA or HSA plan. Additional services (blood work, physicals, office visits, x-rays, pap, etc.) are billed to your insurance companies and co-pays are collected at time of service. 

Contact Dr. Raman today to become a part of her Personalized Comprehensive Wellness Program!