"Dr. Raman has affected my life by helping me to live with chronic health problems for the past nine years.  She is a physician of unusual and comforting qualities. She listens, cares, takes action, provides support and gives ‘hugs.’ Dr. Raman is not afraid to ‘think out of the box’ to help resolve a health issue. She is truly dedicated, diligent and always available. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Raman as my physician." – Linda W.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Ramen's for 17 years. When I first started going to her I was pregnant with my first son and had severe shoulder pain. I remember her asking me what I was taking for the pain and I replied Advil, her immediate response was "Oh honey don't take that it is much to strong. Tylenol is it for you". I laughed and have been laughing with her ever since. She has been their for me not only as a doctor but as a friend. She now has gone to concierge medicine and I did not hesitate one bit to stay with her. Dr. Ramen is very dedicated to her patients, she treats us all like we are her children. In my book I couldn't ask for a better doctor/friend." - Tracy H.

"The past 11 years of my life had been an uphill battle until I lost count on how many different doctors I'd seen or how many tests have been run. Each new specialist resulted in the same thing: do this test, take this medication, do this procedure, even with no change in how I felt, until feeling "normal" for just one day felt like an unattainable dream. All the while, Dr. Raman has been the only doctor to sit down with me to look into the questions no one else would and treat how I feel, not just my lab results. Even when it meant taking on specialists' roles, she never gave up on me until I had my life back. Now she works with the same level of determination and care to make sure that my dream stays a reality." - C. Sellge

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Raman for all the time and years she has given me.  She is the one person I don't want to let down and (believe me I feel I have) she has always said I will never give up on you.  I have been going to Dr. Raman for many years.  We just really connected but I am not sure who wouldn't.  Her kind spirit and integrity are the best qualities and we are the lucky ones that can call her our doctor and friend.  I am very blessed and grateful that I have this opportunity to go on this journey with her!  Thanks again Dr. Raman.  You really are the best." - K. Shea

"Dr. Raman is a strong advocate for women and their health issues.She is passionate, thoughtful and insightful as she listens intently to the needs of her patients.She is a guide by your side as you enter new chapters of your life.Dr. Raman is a gift that ALL women deserve." - H.Ford

"Dr. Raman is the epitome of what a primary care physician should be: compassionate, caring, and always there for you. Whether its a medical issue or a personal issue, she is always willing to listen. I could not be in better hands."  -  J. Mettes

"Dr Gayathri Raman is a client of mine and when we started discussing some personal health issues I was having she immediately took a concerned tone and brought me in right away as she imagined I was suffering from adrenal fatigue and a thyroid condition.  She ran the most thorough tests that have ever been run and sure enough her intuition was right.  I have been taking a bevy of vitamins and supplements over the last two months and finally feel like I am back to my energetic self.  She is  a lifesaver.  I would never have known how to get back to my energetic self if it wasn't for her  Thank you immensely Dr.Raman!" - M.Adams

"I am so happy that I saw Dr. Raman on Fox 2 news and decided to call her a couple years ago to become my doctor. She is the most thorough, caring Physician I have ever met. After having been in the medical field for many years, and going to other doctors, she was a breath of fresh air. She has worked so hard getting my thyroid in check, and I know I am in the best hands possible! Dr. Raman never gives up caring and working so hard for her patients, is always learning and researching so she can stay current with women's health. It is hard to find a doctor like that, that stays so current and on the cusp of woman's health. Dr. Raman is the kindest, most caring, sincere Physician I have ever seen or met. It is a joy to come in to see her. Even when you feel horrible, she lifts you up with her wonderful bedside manner, genuine care and love for her patients. You always walk out feeling that everything is under control and your worries are at rest. I recently came in feeling so horrible from a virus, and just seeing her and knowing she was on top of it, I walked out feeling better, knowing she was going to make me better and this would be passing soon. She has become a beloved doctor and friend, always available day or night, even weekends. She never gives up on her patients and always strives to give them the best- I feel she succeeds at all of it! I am Blessed and so very thankful to have found her!" - S. Dettmer

"Dr. Raman and I have been through a few health issues in previous months. She has never waivered in her pursuit to find the cause of what ever illness/problem I've had. Dr. Raman always listened to me and asks questions to make sure she gets all information possible before deciding on a course of action. She inspires me, she takes care of me, she believes in me. With her on my side I feel like I can get through most anything."  - S.Hall

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